Lucy Currie came 4th in the 2ft9 jumping over the weekend!

Sam Chiappini and The Nifty Fox were competing at local dressage over the weekend and came home with a 4th in Intro A and a 1st in Intro B!

Lily Laughton went to a show with Armada Great Gatsbe on Sunday and did two Novice dressage tests, scoring 68% and 67% in their first ever show!

Charlotte Carlisle took Ricky to an Arena Event over the weekend and jumped the 95 class. He came 4th with an overall score of 37.5 despite a rider error meaning they didn’t finish on their dressage score of 31.5! Charlotte is over the moon with his performance!

Ellie Secker and Max were due to go out show jumping at the weekend but due to the high winds they decided to stay at home! They went for a lovely hack instead and now he is being aimed at combined training next weekend.

Abby Johnston and Dusty went to their first show together recently and received good comments in the showing and completed several clear rounds.

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