Ellie Secker took Max to do their first ever novice test recently and came 2nd with 70%!

Courtney Bull and her horse Harry came 1st in the test at her local Riding Club’s Dressage Summer League!

Abby Chisholm and her pony Diana completed another tough 80k ride at Barbury Castle recently. Despite the heavy rain making the course very muddy and wet they still came 8th!

Olivia Watts and Spicer went to dressage recently and scored 67.61% to come third!

Charlotte Carlisle took Blaze and Ricky to dressage recently and Ricky won his class with 79.13% and Blaze came second with 69.13%! This means they have both qualified for the Bucas Dressage Championships at the end of the month!

Riah Hutchins took Memphis to Tall Trees Arena for combined training and got 68% in the dressage, flew the show jumping and won!

Chloe Livesey took her horse to Keysoe to do the BE90 and did a good dressage of 34 and a double clear. She was competing HC, otherwise would have been 6th!

Amber Ruterford had an amazing day out with Storm with a double clear in the 85cm to take 2nd place. Despite having a major rider error jumping the wrong course in the 95cm but carried on with the correct course which put them in 4th place as they were the only pair to jump clear and then 6th place in the puissance.

Lauren Wilson had such an amazing time at the championships!! With team 5th and individual 12th it was an amazing day!!

Charlotte Mason is very glad her boy is back into work after having about 3 weeks off and missing out on running at the champs at Cholmondeley Castle. They are now getting ready for Burghley on the 3rd Sept for the PC Showjumping.

Emily Streeter took Belle to WKF on Friday for some showjumping, it was her first time competing since breaking her ankle and came home with a double clear and 2nd place!

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