This training tip is for jumping, and, hopefully, its something a bit different!

In this exercise I’m riding 2* event horse Rock Solid, with instruction from my jump trainer Katie Williams.

This exercise makes you ride the correct canter, and work it to get between A, B and C.

It engages the horse so that they jump well, helps keep suppleness through the turns, and makes the rider use their balance and position to help the horse throughout, especially planning by using the eyes to see ahead, before jumping each element.

This is a useful exercise as it can easily be varied to suit different horses.

For example, by just doing A-B or B-C, or with smaller fences it would suit a greener horse or rider, or it can be made more challenging with bigger fences, or using corners or skinnies, and also varying the striding between each fence which requires increased accuracy.

You can watch the video here.