Alexander Whewell hit the equestrian headlines in 2016 when, together with Chakiris Star, he won the Smith & Williamson British Intermediate Championships at the Festival of British Eventing. 

North Somerset based Alex competes a select string of horses, from talented youngsters right the way up to CCI*****. His first 5* success came at Pau 2017, where he finished 19th with Chakiris Star.

This exercise is used for suppleness, keeping horses straight and also to teach young horses to learn to land on the correct leg. Either side of the fence place a canter pole set at 3 yards. This keeps the horses in balance and also means you don’t need to worry about seeing a stride. You can keep cantering in a good rhythm to the fence.

The way to ride this exercise is to get a good balanced canter, come round the turn, stay balanced and look ahead.

As you take off and land over the fence you want to have your weight slightly into your inside stirrup, and turning the way you want to go. This will encourage your horse to turn  and land on the correct lead.

This exercise isn’t for seeing how big your horse can jump, but is more for technique and suppleness.

Keep the fences small, think about keeping the rhythm even and landing on the correct lead. Keep building it up. Do a serpentine and build into a figure of eight until you can come round on both reins, keeping the horse consistent and balanced.

Watch the exercise by clicking here.