Vetrofen & Vetroflex...without a doubt THE BEST equine joint supplements on the market.

My name is Lisa Stride-Turner and I am a sponsored Team Animalife rider for Animalife UK. I have two horses, the 18hh 15 yr old Dutch Warmblood Ubbo Z (pictured) and my four year old AES gelding Candidate. I compete at British Dressage up to Advanced Medium and I am hoping to go out and participate in my first Advanced class by the end of the Summer. I have been competing in one form or another for nearly 20 years and I have always tried to make sure that I feed my horses the best products I can. 

I have tried many joint supplements but since discovering Animlaife UK’s Vetrofen and Vetroflex three years ago, I haven’t looked back. I use the Vetrolfex to help support my horses joints, helping to maintain flexibility and manage joint performance. It is also free from any banned substances meaning that I can compete safely without worry.

I also use Vetrofen on my older horse to help with his joint comfort and mobility. Again, this is free from Devils Claw and any banned substances. The performance of both horses have undoubtedly improved significantly since implementing Animalife UK products into their feeding regime. Increased flexibility, suppleness and ability to cope better when asked to perform at a more intense level. Having notched up numerous Winter / Summer Regionall qualifications, Area Festival qualifications and British Dressage Veteran Championship qualifications...I think the results speak for themselves!

In addition to their fab products, Animalife UK’s team are brilliantly supportive, always being on hand to offer advice with customer service that is both excellent and efficient. Deliveries always reach me on time.

I am proud to be a Team Animalife supported rider. My horses have gone from strength to strength. My older horse receives all the joint support he needs to maintain mobility and flexibility during competition and my younger horse is gaining all the essential building blocks to ensure he has strong, supple joints as he grows and matures.

Thank you Animalife UK.