Well following on from my original blog thanking Animalife for Vetrofen which has really helped get Mr Pie back on track we went out to a RC combined training to see how we would cope with competing and not only did we cope we came home in the ribbons too with 4th place and a clear round in the SJ.

So that was it time to enter an event.

Our last event was September 2015 so I was a little apprehensive as to just how excited he might get but was just great all day.

Dressage needs some tidying up but we got to the end of the test in the arena!

SJ was one of our best rounds ever - forward and taking on the correct strides in the distances but without being silly or strong.

XC - well the squeal in the start box said it all!

One very happy pony and just stormed round.

Double clear for our first event back was icing on the cake to having a happy pony