After a horse (and work) filled summer finished by a fun ride on Cruise (who felt amazing thanks to Vetrofen) it has been non stop going back to uni.

This is my final year of my BSc Applied Equitation Science at Duchy College, and most of my work has been focused around my research into determining whether the riders dominant hand effects rein tension.

This has been successful so far, leading me to give seminars on rein tension at Duchy College, Bicton College and The South West Equine Fair this weekend.

My plans now are to continue to keep my grades up so that I can get on to Duchy's MSc Equitation Science programme. I love this course as although it is underpinned by equine science and veterinary issues within equine science, it also has fascinating modules on equine learning and psychology, equitation science which focuses on the humans influence on the horse and managing equine performance.