Basil is a 17hh 10 year old AES gelding, primarily a showjumper but has tried his hoof at Eventing, dressage and Arena Eventing.

In August 2016 Basil qualified for Scope which I was really looking forward to. However, as is often the case with Basil, he tried his hardest to change my plans by bruising his sole a week before Scope. I had the farrier out to him who helped massively and also put Basil on Vetrofen intense (started a week before Scope and stayed on it for the duration of the show).

Basil went from showing quite unsound to being fit and bouncing ready to jump at Scope.

He performed really well there considering the big atmosphere. Jumped a nice clear in the clear round in the super spooky indoor arena and then a double clear (just 1 place outside the qualifying places) in his preliminary round. As I said above we missed out on the final by 1 place, but got to jump the consolation class and Basil was again really up for it, just rolling a pole in the first round.

I was super pleased with the effort he made for the week and his behaviour was impeccable too. Since being on the Intense for 2 weeks, Basil is now on Vetrofen Healthy as part of his daily diet. I have noticed a big difference in his willingness to go forward and he is enjoying his showjumping job a lot more since too.