Its been ages since my last blog for Animalife about Basil and I.

Since the last blog we have moved yards to a new place with fantastic facilities, so much variety for the horses, indoor school, outdoor school, 7 mile farm ride, hunting hedges, farm ride jumps, xc schooling field. Safe to say Basil is absolutely loving life.

Vetrofen is an absolutely vital part of Basil's diet even more so in the summer when the ground gets hard.

He bruises his feet quite easily and then usually needs time off to recover. Vetrofen helps this! Basil has been on top form this summer, going from strength to strength. We have stepped back up to jumping 1.05's and he has qualifed for the Scope Festival in August 2017.

I cant wait to jump him there. I will put him back on the intense for that week as there are a few classes he will be jumping so I want to help him as much as possible.