We were thrilled to hear from young rider Beatrice Butterworth after she's had some great results, both in the ring, and with the Vetro Collection with her goregous pony Fleetcroft Contradiction.

"We are a user of your Vetrocalm Senior on my dressage pony. He can be sharp and spooky, but since using your product he has become much more rideable especially at the bigger shows. At the stay away shows we back up with your Vetrofen Intense tubes, they are AMAZING!!!!"

"We did take him off of it in early December as he seemed almost too calm but after 2 weeks he was back to his old spooky self, so he is back on it! It definitely works!

Beatrice is just 10 years old and really proving to be a brilliant young rider. "Last year, we won the Fledgeling (under 12) Dressage under 21s UK trophy. This year we've already qualified for the Petplans and Sheepgate U25s championships in only 2 affiliated competitions."

In 2017 Beatrice is hoping to compete on BYRDS teams. She had her first write up in the Horse and Hound last week when she beat a class of 15 adults!