Well winter has well and truly set in, with dark nights and the biting cold returning! Winter is definitely the worst month to own a horse in my eyes, with me not having enough time to ride after school as we have no lights in our arena!

However there are some things you can do to make winter as easy as possible.

Here are my top tips...

  • Leave a spare pair of riding/yard clothes either in your car or at your yard, so you don't have to go home to get changed!
  • Keep a head torch at the yard, these are perfect you can see but you can keep your hands free for while you are doing jobs around the yard!
  • Make sure not to over rug your horse, what might feel like freezing to us will feel much warmer to them (especially if they are a hardy breed) This being said do make sure if your horse gets clipped during the winter, that they do have a nice warm rug to keep them snugly!
  • If your horse is a cob or has long feathers, put baby oil in them so the mud will just slid right out! (You can also do this in their manes and tails!)
  • Winter is the time for hardcore jumping and dressage schooling, as much as we all hate that the show season is over...its great to have a few months of prep so you know you can perform your best next season!

I hope these tips help, to make your winter a little easy, but its not all bad Christmas is coming!