Hello. Louise here!

We have had a busy year so far with 3 eventers, a race horse, youngster and a couple of project ponies. The last few weeks haven’t been much quieter, we have 5 in work. I canter the race horse after mum has hacked him to the field, she is also riding one of my eventers through the winter incase we get the chance to go hunting. The youngster is on holidays as is one of my eventers, but she will come in at the beginning of the year to get fit for the next season.

I have 1 eventer in, Boo, who missed half the season due to a splint, 1 project pony, Ailish, who is for sale and a horse that I got from my uncle who, Daisy, had been in training last season but never ran.

Boo has been focusing a lot on her flat work to get it more established for the coming season, she is coming on a long way, we were competing at our Riding Club Area Dressage a few weeks ago and she proved that she is settling down in her test by winning her warm up test and was 3rd in her qualifying test. The next week she had a very good jumping lesson with Harry Mead. I’ve got big hopes for her and we will see what this season brings.

Ailish has come on so much since we got her at the beginning of September and is now ready to give a competitive child a lot of fun! Her flat work is really coming on and she really does love to jump! Last weekend we went show jumping, she popped round the 75cm very nicely which was judged on style and did me proud by winning it! She then flew round the 85cm and I decided to see what she could do against the clock, with some pretty nifty turns she also won this class!

Daisy is slowly making progress, she does find life exciting as all she ever known is racing but she is proving at have a great attitude and huge ability. I decided at the weekend it was time we went to a party, I was slightly worried that she wouldn’t cope with the warm up, well I was wrong! She wasn’t a problem at all. Took it all in her stride and popped the practice fence nicely and went into the arena to and jumped round her round very nicely, we only jumped a little course to see how she was going to cope, I think we can now start to build it up! As she had been so good she also got to come Show Jumping again on Sunday, same height again but this time we had a couple more questions, again she jumped a lovely clear round including tackling her first skinny and double! She is such a quick learner and has loads more to come!!

Thanks for reading!