Being a Team Animal life rider I am always delighted to send on my thrills and spills of my equine competitions, but there is something I would love to share with you about one of my horses.

His name is Narayan and he is an ex-race horse. He came to me in 2007 with no history, no book, no owner and nobody to love him. He was my very first horse, and at 15 I was certain I could change the world with him, but he more like changed and rocked the hell out of mine!

He was a bag of problems from biting and kicking to turning over and galloping off, but I persevered anyway. Between 2007 and 2013 he had 2 bouts of colic, one almost killing him, one fractured pedal bone, 2 hoof abscesses, tendentious, diagnosed with navicular disease and severe rain scald. It was a steep and rocky learning curve but he taught me how to deal with almost any horse problem he could throw at me.

Up until 2013 I had no idea about his past, I had asked a vet to check for a chip, but couldn't find one and I thought I will do it when I had the time, he never left the yard anyway. But in Oct 2013 another horse on my yard was going to be chipped so I thought I would get him done too. This vet scanned him anyway, even though I had told him the previous one didn't find a chip, and then "bip bip".

My heart stopped and my jaw was one the ground, along with my stomach and every other vital organ. He had a chip!? All this time I wanted to know where the heck my train wreck of a horse came from and it was always in front of me. I eventually tracked down the book from Weatherbys and found where he was bred and his correct age ( as I thought he was 2 years younger then he actually was) and his parents.

It was a miracle in itself to me. I had always kept at trying to ride him, but something always got in the way. He was lame, sick in some way or just pulled his shoes off. But the last 2 months have been very enlightening for me in that I got a chiropractor out to see him, got him saddle fitted and pooled all the knowledge from my equine science degree to create the best possible horse Narayancould give me.

The chiropractor did such wonders for him, I could cry. His withers and lumbar region were very locked up, and like that for quite a while. The chiropractor was unsure if it would have any improvement! Narayan was never one to canter correctly from behind and always changing the weight to the other leg, but after the visit, he canters perfectly on both reins.

It was one of those things you cannot buy or be given, it was truly wonderful moment to see my crippled horse able to canter. I rode him with his new saddle for the first time recently and his stress and tension had gone down, he was so free. It only took 8 years but it the proudest moment I've ever had. He will be going on Vetrofen very shortly to aid his comfort while he goes back to training, can't wait to see the result!