Debbie Smith the force behind the new petition asking for highway code rules 163 & 215 to be made law. Officially Debbie is asking for “ the Secretary of State for Transport to make the following rules in the Highway Code actual laws:

- Section 163 - Overtake only when it is safe and legal to do so.

- Section 215 - Horse riders and horse-drawn vehicles pass wide and slow max 15mph and abide to our stop slow, signal”

In reality Debbie is asking for the equivalent protection that is given to other none motor vehicle road users such a cyclists. This is long and overdue, with increasing road incidents appearing on social media platforms between reckless or ignorant drivers and members of the equestrian community. I’m sure many of you have seen some the videos we are talking about or even worse I’m sure some readers have witnessed it first-hand. This truly is an important petition that we asl everyone to click the link below and help get this to parliment.

Click here to sign the petition

The petition launched on Wednesday (4 February) evening and has already reached more than 10,000 signatures which means the government must respond.

In a recent interview with Horse & Hound Debbie said “The response has been incredible. The signatures have gone up so fast – it’s made me feel like I’m not on my own on this,”

Debbie is also quoted saying “People are ready for a change. I think they saw the first petition get to parliament and have thought let’s keep banging on about it. Some people said it wouldn’t get there and it did.” Debbie hopes the PWAS awareness rides being held across the UK on 10 May will help raise awareness of the petition.

The petition still needs over 80,000 signatures to get to Parliament for debate

The Animalife Team are fully supportive of Debbie and her mission and ask everyone in the community to get behind her and the petition to help keep riders and horses safe on the roads.