This sudden heatwave has caught us all off guard. Just when we think the Summer is over, we're promptly proved wrong. Ensuring your horse stays hydrated is of utmost importance during this weather. An average 500kg horse will drink approximately 30-50 litres per day.

Water is a vital part of your horses' diet. Not only does it regulate body temperature, but it aids digestion and helps the absorption of nutrients. Like humans, not all horses like to drink lots of water. But how can you encourage this?

  1. Sounds simple - but make sure your horse has easy access to fresh, clean water. He certainly won't go out of his way to find it, if he already really doesn't fancy it!
  2. Apple Juice. Not only 1 of our 5 a day but can be beneficial in encouraging horses to drink water. Just pour a small amount in to start with and see if it makes a difference. The water should smell noticably sweeter. Other things to try include adding salt and Apple Cider Vinegar. 
  3. Add plenty of water to your horses hard feed. Not so much that all of the supplements you've added are left swimming at the bottom once the nice bits have been picked out, but enough to ensure the food is wet all over. 
  4. Soaking forage is a very sneaky way of getting more H20 into your horse. Once soaked, feed the forage immediately and remember, any leftvoer soaked hay or haylage must be thrown away if it hasn't been eaten within 12 hours, less time in this heat. This is because the particules in the forage start to ferment, a process that is increased after soaking and can cause upset within the digestive system. 
  5. Monitor - try monitoring your horses water intake so you can notice a difference immediately and act accordingly. 

Don't forget to keep yourself hydrated too!