So it was two years ago that I wrote my last blog for team animalife.

I had just finished the eventing season so Charlie Brown enjoyed a well deserved rest over the Christmas break. Since then, I brought him back into solid work and stared training him up so we could progress through the levels.

The first 3 weeks I spent solely on flatwork which is our weakest area as well as trotting out hacking on the roads to strengthen up his tendons. All these exercises were essential in strengthening him up and preparing him for jumping again.

I had been slowly building up his muscle and fitness using lots of different exercises, and lots of hacking because hacks are a fun break from schooling. I have been working really hard to progress Charlie from successfully jumping tracks at 70cm to 90cm.

Recently we had our first BE90 event, the first time at this height for the both of us. He felt very ready and prepared. His flatwork has come on leaps and bounds, he is so much stronger and has put on so much muscle!

I had also been show jumping out at this height where he was showing plenty of scope and bringing home reds. Sadly, the day didn’t go quite to plan but was still very pleased. He did an alright test, and tried his best even though he finds dressage very tricky.

Show jumping was much more exciting and he put a super clear round in.

The cross country started very confidently and Charlie was jumping so well over some very challenging fences which were causing so many problems. He skipped out to the side of the corners due to lack of experience having never done them before, but popped them no problem second time round so really pleased with how he went.

I will be keeping everyone updated with his progress on my Instagram, @ep_equestrian.

Stay tuned as I am very excited about Charlie’s future and hopefully all our hard work over the past years will pay off this summer!

Thank you for reading!

Ellen & Charlie Brown x x x