I have had a very good season so far thanks to vetrofen and vetroflex.

After hearing about vetrofen I thought I must give it a go and it has been so impressive, I can definitely feel the difference. My horse Charlie is 15 and has been superb for me but earlier on in the season I found him slightly stiff and was thinking this was due to his age.

After getting a very disappointing mark at Tweseldown BE90 of a mark of 43, I did lots of training and after using vetrofen our dressage already improved to a 35 at Larkhill BE90 then 31 (3rd best in a section of 50) at Ascott Under Wychwood but I can't say that this has nothing to do with vetrofen. We have had top ten placing out of 2/3 events we have done so far.

We came 9th at the area dressage in a large section and the team came 6th. I also got recommended vetroflex which is a huge contributing factor to Charlie's excellent recovery after events.

Now our focus point is the area showjumping and eventing, then our first BE100 at Aston Le Walls and I know vetrofen will never fail to impress me.