Evelyn is 15 and started riding Aslan in June 2014, we bought him just before Christmas. He has taken her from 80 to 100. They take part in all RC activities.

Last year they qualified for all but one championship and all but two this year. She missed two qualifiers, one due to concision and she was in Spain for the other. Although we have only owned As for a short time, he had one previous owner. She was the stable jokey for his breeder and bought him aged 3. So we know all his history. He had been quite a character over the years.

Last year started well, they qualified for the winter Dressage and won overall with a massive 80%! And went on to win their next 5 competitions. Aslans performance seemed to go down a bit, we put this down to his age and fed him more and did less training and more hacking. They qualified for Swalcliffe and we were excited. They went to the PC area SJ and did ok.

The next day I had a call telling me he looked tied up. I was at the train station so ask my friend, his previous owner to check him. She rang back to say he was bad. He went to the vets and was an life support for 8 days with server colitis. He as to have 2 lots of plasma, but managed to pull through.

Luckily he made a full recovery. We brought him home on the 6th August last year.

We then made it to this years British Riding Club Championships last weekend and as I'm sure you can imagine they were very special! I started feeding vetrofen and vetroflex 8 weeks ago. I was talking to one of the SJ trainers at practice and she suggested I try it.

My concern was with As being a bit older he was getting a bit stiff and foot sore. He does have dodgy feet and has been a bit sore after One Day Events this year and reluctant to go forward in the DR phase. I think Animalife has helped him in the DR and I was really pleased with how he was after the XC day.

He's had a light week this week to recover, then it's off to PC champs in the intermediate SJ, then Burghley and I think with a bit of luck Blenheim.