The megamare is back and better than ever!

Me and Emmy have been doing a lot of dressage and showjumping at the moment in preparation for our next event this weekend at Borde Hill and she has been feeling better than ever.

We headed down to our first BSJA for awhile at Parwood and she didn't disappoint, she flew round the 95cm for a speedy double clear to secure us 4th place.

Two days later we made a last minute decision to put her in a novice dressage and she stepped up her game once again to secure us the win!!

Emmy has been feeling better in herself and much more forward which is a lovely change to the horse she used to be a few months ago when she was suffering with her ulcers.

However since using vetroguard Emmy's stomach issues have calmed down and the signs of her ulcers coming back seem to be gone.

I can't thank vetroguard enough for giving me my horse back that is happy and willing to work.