Animalife catches up with Team Animalife’s Carrie Turner who also owns Divine Equestrian. Carrie recently competed at the GB PRE Show at Hartbury with her 16.3hh Andalusian Sky Galante, her advanced dressage horse.

Galante is given Animalife’s Vetrocalm in paste form on show days, which Carrie says helps ensure he doesn’t piaffe on the truck, and Animalife’s Vetrofen and Vetroflex daily.

“I adore competing at Hartpury and it was great to be able to ride in the international arena at last. Galante was a complete star and didn’t put a foot wrong with no spooking, no tantrums, nothing.

“On Saturday evening we entered the Freestlye Music gala and I warmed up with my secret top trainer 'Mum' as my nerves get the better of me these days.

“Unfortunately my music didn't go quite to plan but with only one run through I couldn't have expected more. Sadly, surfaces change the speed your music rides at so without prior preparation, you’re seriously working against or with the gods. I ended up truly freestyling! We did gain a zero for one score as I had to abandon movements. It was very costly & a real learning experience.

We finished fifth out of six. It was a shocking score but what could I expect - we did have lots of fun though.

“We had an early start on Sunday morning and tried our hand at Ridden Showing. I've not shown since I was 10 years old. I had to re plait Galante and its no mean feat double running plaits. We went totally Spanish at the show so the running plaits where back and Galante’s mane is so thick I have to spit his mane & do one each side.

“Galante did a lovely quiet show. However, we didn't stand a chance as neither of us were what the judge was looking for but nevertheless it was an experience.

“We finished with the Masters Du Cheval Ibérique (MCI) dressage. This is a European competition for PRE’s & PSL’s and this year the championships are to be held in the UK at Bury Farm. There were lots of gorgeous PREs and Luso's in our class which is equivalent to Med/adv Med.

“We bagged a fifth out of 13 with 66.67%. I was finally happy we had at least done ourselves proud in this class. I will admit that I did nearly forget rein back which was costly but ho hum one day I will get my act together for that 70+% test!

“It was an interesting experience and lovely to see all the horses in one place. The team behind GB PRE are all volunteers which is lovely that they do this for the love of the breed. We are absolutely over the moon with Galante. He was amazing all weekend.”

We couldn’t of done it though with out his Animalife’s Vetrofen Intesnse to iron out any soreness, his Vetroflex that helps keep him supply and a shot of Vetrocalm intense on the first day. Thank you so much Animalife for keeping my wonderful horses so well.