What’s top of your Christmas wish list?

Gareth: A Harley Davidson.

Rebecca: that’s not happening!!!

Where will you spend Christmas Day?

We will be riding in the morning then we are very lucky to be heading off on holiday to the Maldives in the evening!

And what will you be eating?

Plane food!

Best things in life?

Rebecca: Family, great friends & horses = a very happy life!

Gareth: We are very fortunate to earn a living doing something that started off as a hobby when I was a kid.

Favourite thing about winter?

Rebecca: Log fire & red wine.

Gareth: A crisp, sunny, frosty morning.

Top tip for saving time on the yard in winter?

Leaf blower instead of sweeping yard.

Top tip for keeping horses healthy during the winter?

Good ventilation in stables and getting horses out of stables as often as possible through the day.

Favourite Animalife product?

Rebecca: Vetrocalm - very useful when taking out young horses to their first shows!

Gareth: Vetrofen - all our horses have benefited since they have been on this product.