It’s a tough time for horses too, with many spending long hours in their stables. Just like us, horses need exercise all year long, even when it’s cold outside, but often riding during the winter just isn’t possible, and turnout is restricted too. Without regular exercise, those aches and pains can set in and if your horse could talk, he might just be groaning a little about all the niggles that make him pull faces when he sees you, rather than whinny in delight.

By feeding Vetrofen Healthy you’ll really be giving your horses a head start to seeing off those winter blues.

1. Add it to the feed daily for short or long-term support and you’ll be giving your horse, whether he is active or ageing, support for his comfort and mobility and this might help reduce stiffness.

2. You’ll also be helping your horse with his comfort and recovery, if he’s exerted himself, or you’ve exerted him with a brisk winter hack or a day’s hunting.

3. How? Well, it’s down to PLANT POWER! Vetrofen Healthy comprises of a proprietary blend of three plant sources known for their effective antioxidant support, They’re called Acacia catechu, Boswellia and Curcumin and they’ve been recognised for centuries for their antioxidant properties and black pepper for absorption.

4. More plant power – in this case phytochemicals or polyphenols, flavanols and triterpenes. Each work synergistically to provide support to key areas where antioxidant support is required on a daily basis – in the joints and muscles, and to the immune system.

5. And that’s not all! It’s a 100% natural product. It is also FEI legal and used worldwide by professionals.