Here India describes one of her favourite training exercises.

My training tip can be either pole work or jumping. It is one of my favourite exercises for making sure that I am riding through from my inside leg to outside rein, having control of the outside shoulder and riding in a rhythm.

It is very simple - place 4 poles or small jumps at each point of a 20m circle. This exercise can be done in both trot and canter.

It encourages you to steer with your eyes and legs, making sure that you are using the correct aids of inside leg to outside rein.

It is a common habit to go to your inside rein when turning therefore losing the outside shoulder.

This exercise really highlights where you may be cheating - it allows you to play around, experimenting with your aids and it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake as the fences are only small.

To make the exercise harder you can decrease the size of your circle, play with striding in between fences/poles or you can have two circles at each end of the arena and incorporate serpentines and changes of rein over the poles/fences.

Bringing in changes of rein over a fence will really highlight if you have control of the outside shoulder!