Peter is an International Dressage Trainer of world-wide repute. He runs regular clinics throughout Britain as well having taught in America, Spain, Germany and Dubai.

Peter’s dressage training focuses on both the horse and rider. This is based on many year’s experience of training dressage and a balance of beliefs and principals that has put Peter Maddison-Greenwell up there amongst “the worlds top dressage trainers in his field”, as quoted in Penny Hillsden’s book, Pathfinder Dressage.

Peter’s own book, Living and Working with the Horse of Spain has been printing, is currently being revised and is hoped to be in production with new chapters and photographs.

Having owned numerous horses since the 1980’s all of which have performed into their twenty’s, Peter has demonstrated his experience and care for the horse’s long term welfare.

Peter quoted “By following good classical principles in our dressage we believe we have given the horses a long and productive life. Caring for our horses with the best of food and management along with using top quality Animalife products we feel it has given us the confidence to continue performing at the highest level.”

“This year we have had a full season performing for English Heritage at Bolsover Castle as the Duke of Newcastle and at Audley End House in 16th Century period performances,” Peter tells us.

“We also performed la Garrocha at two major Spanish Breed shows on our friends, St,Pirans Stud and Christine Hall’s champion stallion Penueco. A stallion in his late teams who whilst glowing with health was beginning to show signs of stiffening and less energy during training.”

With only a few weeks before The GBPRE Annual Breed Show Peter suggested he go on to Vetroflex as a daily management and then Vetroflex Intense for the build up to and during the weekend of the show. This was done with great results. Not only winning in hand and under saddle with Rachel Bettens of St Piran’s Stud but also giving astounding performance’s for Peter to large and enthusiastic audience’s at both shows.

Peter will move into 2017 with another full calendar of performances, lecture demonstrations and of course Classical Dressage Clinics.