Jane Lavington is a Kent-based judge, trainer and successful competitor on ‘alternative’ dressage horses. She owns Boston DeLuxe, a Clydesdale X, and two youngsters – also half Clydesdales. She does a lot of work with Adventure Clydesdales on Dartmoor, demonstrating how adaptable the gentle giants are to dressage.

‘On a day-to-day basis I use Vetrofen Healthy, so I would certainly say Animalife products have a very positive effect in my yard. Even though Bosty is only 13 and doesn't have any particular issues I'm aware that his joints are under stress doing what he does. I absolutely love Vetrofen Intense – I don’t use it all the time, but if we’ve done some galloping work or had a hard training session, or if it’s a couple of days before a show it definitely gives them a boost. It’s my favourite Animalife product. I’m also recommending Vetroflex and Vetrofen to clients. We’re hoping to do our first Grand Prix this year, so I’ll keep you posted.

My horses all spend a lot of time out. My youngsters, who are 4, rising 5, are out all round the clock. We have the perfect environment for them with old-fashioned grazing, and a massive barn where they have 24-hour access, so they can come and go as they please. At this time of year we don’t have a lot of grass, but we’re lucky in that we don’t have much mud either, and I’ll chuck them out with some hay to keep them going. My advanced horses I tend to turn out in company – I’m not a fan of turning them out solo, so pairs or in threes is ideal. I’ll turn the advanced horses out first thing in the morning and then they come in when it’s dark.‘