International 4* Event Rider Julie Tew has been riding since she was just 2 years old. She won silver medals at Pony and Young Rider Europeans and has since been placed at all levels, winning at 2* level and finishing 6th at both 3* and 4*. In 2008, she was longlisted for the Olympics in Beijing.

Up until this year, she rode professionally but recent back pain has caused her to decrease the number of horses she has. Looking forward to 2017, she will have three horses; one 4* horse, a 2/3* and a youngster to produce.

“I was never a fan of using supplements until I came across Animalife products,” Julie tells us. “I asked my vet to look at the ingredients in the products and she told me the products looked very good and told me to have all my horses on Vetroflex all the time, which I do.”

As a successful rider, Julie understands the importance of managing and caring for the health and wellbeing of your horse.

“I’m thrilled with how my horses feel on the Vetroflex. During competition time, I’ll also feed Vetroflex Intense and Vetrofen Intense, which are both fantastic.”

Our extensive range of products help not only the joints, but the general health and wellbeing of every horse.

“I also use Vetrocell, Vetrocalm and CPH and always notice an improvement in the horses when they’re on these products.”

“I highly recommend Animalife products – I am just delighted with them.”