What incredible day!

We arrived on tuesday to a soggy, wet Hickstead.

The stables were flooded and you could barely see your hand the rain was so heavy. luckily they had spare stables in the VIP bit!

My class was in the morning on the surface arena so it wasn't flooded. The course was simple and for 1.10 it seemed quite little, the distances were long (i was riding a 148cm pony). All the jumps were very simple a part from 1, it had 2 big black fillers, when it came to my round the rest of my team mates jumped clear, but PJ decided he didn't like it and there is nothing you can do.

10 teams went into the final and we were 1 of 6 teams that finished on 4 faults, 4 teams jumped clear.

We were through to the final!

The final was in the main grass ring at hickstead and it was big and technical with lots of fillers. My team jumped clear and it was my turn, in the warm up my trainer was getting me to jump 1.25 oxers and i felt ready. I charged in to the main ring and came out beaming, i had just jumped clear!

We came 2nd out of 29 teams !

All with thanks to animalife