My top tip is walking!

All my horses are walked in hand for 10 minutes before I ride them. This will help to gently warm up the muscles, tendons  and ligaments. It also relaxes the mind and leads to a happy horse in their training session.

At the end of the session once the horse has stretched on a long rein, it is also walked in hand for a further 10 minutes to cool all the muscles down so to avoid any injury.

Kathryn is the proprietor of Rammall Training in Wimbourne, Dorset.

She has a number of horses from her four-year-old old stallion to her 33-year-old New Forest pony  who is still ridden.

Recently, Kathryn’s homebred Sapphire Ramall qualified for the Advanced Medium regionals this month.

She also competed in the Small Tour Championship  at PSG before Christmas and came twelth in her first attempt at that level .

Another homebred, Sirus Ramall, has received a wild card for  the Pet Plan Finals at INTER 1 level at Hartbury in April.

He is 15-years-old and has been on Animallife products for the last three years.