I can truly say that Woodcroft Garuda K and I have been having a ball! Garuda has been on top form with a win at the British National Championships in the Para grade 4 being our highlight. It has been a year in the planning but to actually go out and do so well really was just a dream come true.

I was so pleased, but not just for me but also for all the people who work so hard behind the scenes. It takes a lot of people who are all part of a jigsaw puzzle keeping us on the road so, as I say, it’s a win for us all. After all team work makes the dream work! We had a short break for a few days after Nationals and then we had some help from Judy Harvey to try and improve on our scores before heading off to our second CPEDI 3*.

It was another successful outing and we managed a third place on day. It was slightly disappointing as I failed to stop on the last centre line at the correct marker which lost us the class but I have learnt from this and will NOT do that again! We had another high score of over 70% on day two, put us into second place and through to the freestyle, which is always my favourite.

Music can be a tricky class and you never know if the judge will like your chosen score so I always ensure I pick something that I actually enjoy riding to. Then I just try to show case myself and my horse to the best of my ability. Amanda Birch has helped with my freestyle for which I am very grateful. We had some fun with it, and we are hoping to work together again very soon so watch this space.

It’s been several months now since teaming up with Animalife and I am so happy to be using products that have truly made a huge difference to Garuda. He is feeling fitter than ever and so much more supple. His scores are getting higher every time out, which really prove how well Animalife products work. Undoubtedly, we would not be able to say we are the National Champions without feeding Vetrofen and Vetroflex.