Top international dressage rider, Liz Diegutis, who is a huge advocate of Animalife products for her horses, will be representing Great Britain at the Big Tour at Hartpury CDI with Princess which takes place from July 4 – 8. We catch up with all her latest news.

“I’ve been very busy lately, attending three Premier League events – Keysoe, Addington, and Wellington. Princess was at all of them with Delboy making an appearance at Wellington. They were both placed in all premier league competitions entered.”

Liz went on to say, “Princess literally ‘runs on Vetroflex’ – she’s been on it for four years now. I’d heard about it and thought I’d give it a try. Now I wouldn’t dream of taking her off it. As an International Grand Prix horse, it’s exceptional for taking care of her joints and the wear and tear that she inevitably takes. The fact that it is free from all banned substances is also obviously a massive deal. We’re doing pretty darned well on it, so unsurprisingly I’m very happy with it.

“Both horses also have Vetrofen on a daily basis; as a cover for all eventualities really. It’s fantastic for their muscle recovery and I really rate this stuff.

It was 40 degrees Celsius at the Pompadour CDI in France last June – she went through all of the travelling and coasted through the conditions due to Vetrofen. She didn’t flag and recovered very well on it. I know she needs support in her muscle recovery and I know that I’m helping as much as I can by using this product.

“Delboy has performed well throughout the number of recent shows he’s attended in the last few weeks; using it on him before and after gives me great peace of mind.

“I know that Animalife have done very thorough research on their products and trust it. The additional benefits are that they will all eat it in a mash too, which makes it so easy. The results – daily and in competition - show that the horses are fit and healthy and it’s the very least I can do for them for all their efforts.

“I also like to spread the word about the efficacy of the product. I know sometimes it can be tempting to keep some of the things that work as your ‘secrets of success’, but I gave a few sachets of Vetrofen to some guys at Pompadour CDI because you could see their horses were struggling. They were very grateful and so were their horses!

“I LOVE the sachets, they’re part of my essential kit and I always keep a box in the lorry. The proof is in the pudding; the horses’ performances are very good, so I can attribute a lot of how well they feel to Animalife supplements.

“Due to the unfortunate cancellation of the Belgian CDI Kapellen, I’m very excited to be representing Great Britain again at the Big Tour at Hartpury CDI. Hopefully I’ll be at Hickstead too in the Premier League in two week’s time (19-23 June). Princess is now doing regular hacking and pole work, as is Delboy. I like to give them an easy week before the build-up to competitions.”