International Dressage rider and trainer and Team Animalife's Liz Diegutis who competes her stunning homebred horse, Saskia Hit (Princess) to Grand Prix level, recommends Vetroflex.

"I have been using Vetroflex on Saskia Hit for a couple of years now and it has helped her maintain her flexibility and suppleness at the highest level of Dressage. I definitely notice the difference because I know her joints are being cared for and it’s her ‘stuff’ and I will not take her off it.

"I also give her Vetrofen intense sachets as it is FEI safe and around the big competitions and hard training I have piece of mind it helps her with comfort and recovery of her joints and muscles."

"It works very well and is a clever little thing to have in your kit, especially as good support for travelling to events. When they have to spend two days on the lorry it’s a wonderful pick-up treatment. I’ll feed it in a mash so there’s never an issue getting it down them, plus I love the dispenser it comes in. I have a box purely in my show kit."