I find myself writing this first post at what is really a peculiar time to be writing about what I've been doing with the horses recently as for the past month or so, due to lack of arena mostly, I have been unable to ride or really do much with the horses at all. Nevertheless there have still been new developments over the winter.

Freddie was due to go on loan so that I could focus on on moving on to 148s. Apart from 2 weeks in Portugal I haven't ridden a horse above 13.2 for a considerable time. Yet due to unforeseen circumstances which I won't go in to (although no fault on anyone's behalf) he is now staying the winter with us.

Freddie's been in relatively light work since October and after a riding club rally at the weekend he'll be turned away with the youngsters for the remainder of the winter, a break which he has definitely earned.

A few weeks ago we brought home a project/hacking mare, Skye, who I planned to either sell on after she was at a standard where she could find a lovely family home, or keep to compete next year. She's generally settled in very well however after a visit from the saddle fitter we discovered that she'd originally been backed with the saddle in the wrong place, meaning that when she's ridden she tries to get the saddle back to where she is used to it being.

I will be working on getting her more comfortable with the saddle in the correct place as it cannot stay where she used to have it. I am confident this is something that we'll be able to resolve relatively quickly and we'll soon be back on track with our original plans.

My mum's gorgeous 3 year old Welsh A went to his first children's show dressed up as santa claus. I was very proud of how he handled himself at a very busy and rather hectic show, largely being handled by amateurs as I was occupied with Skye. He took everything in his stride and seemed to love strutting his stuff in the dressing up ring.

With the shortest day of the year getting closer and closer I am now looking forward to the start of spring and finally (hopefully) having some dry weather and cracking on with the season next year.