This particular grid is a cross pole with a bounce to an upright and then one or two strides out over an oxer.   The grid can be used as part of a warm up routine, building from simple cross pole, to cross pole to upright, then cross pole to upright to upright, and finally adding in the back rail on the final upright to create an oxer coming out. As well as being used as part of a warm up routine, it can also be used throughout a coaching session to bring the focus back - either on its own or as part of a course.   Using other poles, either on the floor in between the elements, or on the oxer, you can also help a horses’ technique. The distance in between the fences is totally dependent on the horse and the extra poles are dependent on what you are trying to achieve in the session. For example, if the horse is rushing you can use a pole on the floor in the two strides between the second upright and the oxer, or if the horse is not using his shoulder properly you can use v-poles on the second element.