Carrie Turner says, “Dressage is my thing”, which is why she loves owning and running Divine Equestrian, a horse and rider boutique with a bricks and mortar plus clicks and mortar presence, specifically catering for dressage riders but also meeting other equestrian needs in Eccleshall, Staffordshire. She is also a dressage rider, riding at Advanced Medium level & training Advanced on her 11-year-old PRE horse, Galante. She has been using Animalife products for two years on her five horses and is now also a stockist of our products.

Sky Galante is her Advanced dressage horse. He’s a 16.3hh, grey Andalusian – more technically known as a British bred PRE (Pura Raza Española, which translates to ‘Pure Spanish Horse’).

“He’s my Number One horse,” says Carrie, “He has a lovely big action but doesn’t move like a typical Spanish horse, he’s more like a warmblood. Animalife wanted him as an equine ambassador alongside Sam, my 28-year-old Irish Draft X TB – who has been very retired since 2006. Sam has multiple heart complications plus an old hock injury, which has caused no end of grief. Thanks to the Animalife products he’s on, his life has been made so much more bearable. He also had colic surgery in 2014; they caught it early, un-looped his twisted gut, and - with no need for stitching it to the stomach wall - it was fine. But from the surgery he developed pneumonia afterwards due to when they tipped him up on the table and he refluxed, and the cap on the intubation pipe failed and the fluid went into his lungs. He’s been on Animalife's Vetroflex and Vetrofen for two years and he’s doing fantastically well on it.

“Galante and I often go away for training 2-3 days at a time – it’s always very intense, and I end up aching so goodness knows how the horse feels. I give him Animalife Vetrofen sachets the day before travelling and in every feed whilst there and then for a day after, so it’s already working its magic. I tend to resort to the anti-inflammatory properties of gin or Cava on myself!” Divine Equestrian has been in business for three years. Stocking everything for the horse and rider especially tailored to the dressage market, they’re full of the bling and the ‘matchy-matchy’ equine apparel including all the Premium brands. Carrie ensures they have a trade presence at all shows that are dressage centred specifically supporting the Midway Championships since it started.

“In my former life I used to be an electronics engineer, and was very good at my job and a director of the company that I worked for, but one day I decided to take the risk to do something that I really loved, cashed in my dividends, and now have something I can pour my heart and soul into.

“The work-life balance is so important, and I run the business with my Mum. We’re based on site, so don’t even have to commute, but we also never get away. We have a massive online customer base, 15,500+, with Facebook, Twitter, and all social media platforms feeding into that – I have to time my competing and training on the day that we’re closed, otherwise Mum holds the fort. At the end of the day though, I’ve still got the yard to do, and my youngsters to look after as well. “

Carrie’s horses

Jasper – an up and coming 5-year-old, British Hanoverian gelding almost 18hh by Floriscount. Bred by Fosshey Stud in Cheshire. Carrie bought him as a rising 2-year-old and the rest is history. He has a 1st premium BEF and was invited to attend the BEF Equine Pathway when he was 4-years-old and completely home produced.

Eavie – another British Hanoverian, with a 1A award from the British Hanoverian Horse Association; she’s a 16.1hh, rising 8-years-old, black mare – owned from 3 days old; another home produced horse.

Margo Bogwoppit – (from the book by Ursula Moray Williams) is a 4-year-old Gypsy cob, rescued by a friend from a terrible situation as a yearling. Having now been backed by Carrie she is destined to become Carrie’s mother’s horse.