What’s top of your Christmas wish list?

An indoor school would be nice! We are lucky to have a fantastic yard with panoramic views but it does mean you’re very exposed to the elements when the weather isn’t so favourable.

Where will you spend Christmas day?

At home with the horses.

And what will you be eating? Everything!

I made a big effort with my fitness after coming back from having a baby but my personal trainer was banned as soon as I’d done Burghley until after Christmas.

Best things in life?

Having Max is fantastic fun and has been a good leveller for me too. It does give you a better grasp of reality because it’s so easy to get caught up in the eventing bubble and baby brings you back down to earth pretty sharpish!

Favourite thing about winter?

Sat in front of the fire watching good jumps racing on the TV. I’ve not managed to find the time for it yet this year but hopefully soon.

Top tip for saving time on the yard in winter?

Don’t cut corners and work methodically. A cut corner just means someone else has an extra job to do.

Top tip for keeping horses healthy during the winter?

There’s nothing better than a good cold spell to kill of any nasties before the start of the season. In a mild winter you definitely have more bugs/snots/spots/etc around and the horses tend not to come out of the winter so well.

Favourite Animalife product?

Vetroflex keeps all my horses feeling in top form so they’re ready to perform to the best of their ability.