So, this was the first event that I have had to take myself to. The first stress was over before I even got there, as I got lost; twice. Otherwise everything went well, including the 1.2 mile walk to the cross country start. Consequently I was rather tried when I got home. The Pony Club area 4 and 5 qualifiers at Somerford Park (24th July 2016).

This was an important competition, not only as it was the qualifier, but it was my last Pony Club qualifier (I'll be to old next year). Flash and I get a personal best in stressage (dressage), of 32. He excelled himself on the cross country, been one of a few to go clear inside the time.Taking him galloping is definitely working.

Sadly we got two down in the jumping. We managed to finished in 8th place individually, and our team finished 2nd (well done everyone), on the Novice.

So, we are of to the championships!

A big thank you to everyone who organised the event, and to my trainers, and to all the Pony Club DCs and team trainers for all their hard work.