So as many of you will know Naseby (Jerry) and I have had a great season since using Vetrofen. We have had 4 double clears and 4 top 10 placings in 6 events.

This has qualified us for Blenhiem Eventers Challenge, Mitsubishi Regional Finals and having WON our Riding Club Area Qualifier and we are off to the Championships 4-6th August. This got me thinking as not only do I need to ensure his comfort before, during and after each event.

I need to consider the fact that as the Riding Club Championships are held over a long course (including Roads and Tracks as well as the steeplechase) that he is fit enough to tackle the course.

Luckily for me Jerry is an Ex-Racehorse and keeps himself pretty fit regardless. I am lucky enough to have unlimited access to a fantastic farm where I get to do my fast work. It's over 500 acres of flat, gently sloping or steep fields which means I get to vary the terrain as well as the speed and time length.

All of these factors mean that it is kept interesting for both horse and rider. I've been lucky enough to work alongside and be taught by some incredible riders.

Having sent 3 years in Swindon with a previous horse stabled at Highworth.

I was under the incredible tuition of Paul Tapner whose advice I still listen to and remember now.

Whilst trying to understand how to ride the long format and the preparation I need to put in prior to the competition I found this great article on the British Riding Club website. 

So as we already do canter work once a week with 3 sets of 2 minutes which keeps his fitness levels high enough to complete his current BE90 as he's usually still pulling through the finish line and under the time.

We upped the level today to 3 sets of 3mins with 2 minute walking intervals, as I'd upped the timing I kept him in a fairly level field which had a gentle slope up one long side.

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be playing with the different fields and gradients to make it harder as well as increasing the time length.

Will keep you all updated on how it all goes.

Naomi & Jerry