1. Look after your hands

The drop in temperature can lead to cracked hands, not to mention chapped lips and scaly legs! Upgrade your skin care so that your hands don’t add to those bleak days of winter and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize straight after washing to trap in much needed moisture.

2. Gloves are your best friends

Invest in gloves - several pairs – so that your hands are encased on warm dry, gloves. There are some great waterproof gloves available too so whether you’re hacking out in the frost, cleaning buckets, or sweeping the yards, your hands aren’t taking the brunt of the winter.

And remember, Vaseline can be your best friend this winter, and don’t forget your chapstick!

3. Keep your toes cosy

If your tried and trusted boots have seen better days, or your wellies need winging into the trash can, invest in a new pair of boots because warm, dry feet will make those grey damp days seem just that little bit better.

4. Layer, layer, layer

Wrap up warm, and then remove layers, and keep spare dry coats on the yard. And that applies to horses too. Use thinner rugs and then you can add and remove, depending on the weather.

5. Cover up

If you’re horses live out or are part stabled, the chances are you’ll be covered in a layer of mud and grime before you can jump on for a ride. You’re horse might be gleaming but you’ll possibly look like you’ve had a quick roll in the field yourself. Light weight waterproofs are perfect for keeping clean while working on the yard.

6. Keep an eye on the weather forecast

If a cold snap is on its way, fill extra containers with water, so that if your pipes freeze, you have water available. Wrap external pipes if possible. A hammer is best for cracking frozen buckets, use a colander to fish out leaves and a can of WD40 will help ease frozen locks.

7. Don’t be tempted to hibernate

That old adage “no rest for the horseman” is never truer than in the winter. Short days and lack of light might mean riding is a no go, but your daily horsey chores are essential – watering, feeding, picking hooves and daily checks. Regular grooming and handling will alert you to problems like weight loss, injury, cracked hooves and will keep him on track for goo health. Winter is busier than ever for horse owners!

To keep horses healthy this winter Animalife recommends:

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