Jess Storrar is an amateur Event rider and veterinary nurse. Juggling a demanding, full time career with an equally demanding sport really takes some serious organisation, determination and planning. Yet with her diary to hand and the desire to succeed, she's getting the balance right.

"Finding time to fit in training and competitions around my job can be a struggle, especially in the Winter, but I just have to be super organised and plan ahead really well, fitting in events on my weekends off. It means I don't have much spare time where I'm not working, training or competing, but I don't mind because I love it and I'm pretty sure Hector does too!"

Jess has had Hector since he was a 3 year old and bought him with the aim of producing him to Event. 6 years on and the hard work is starting to pay off. Most recently Jess and Lord Clover finished 11th at Chatsworth in the CIC* finishing on their Dressage score in a competitive section.

"We've got really big plans - our plan next year is the Blenheim 8 and 9 year olds class."

Since starting their competitive Eventing career together, the pair have started 30 cross country rounds, of which 23 of them have been completed with no cross country jumping faults.

"Now we're at a higher level and Hector is having to work even harder, I've started to use Vetrofen. I feel it helps to minimise any discomfort he may have after the event. He definitely has more spark the following day so it's now a tack room essential."

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