My middleweight show hunter has been out of action this season due to intermittent discomforts meaning we were unable to get fit and finessed for the ring.

Being an equine vet my boss and I have managed to get him back fighting fit but I was always aware of

  1. withdrawal times of drugs and
  2. him getting low grade niggles from travelling/stabling away etc.

A friend recommended vetrofen instant syringes and sachets to me as an aid for him whilst we got back out and going again. Our first outing was the Royal Highland this week so it was a big ask for vetrofen as it is a big ring for the hunters to go round!

Mo felt fabulous and galloped like he's not been out of action at all as was raring to go!

I had peace of mind that I could ask him to work and show off properly having had the sachets for 2 days before the class, and a syringe the night before and the morning of the class.

I'm thrilled we went on to finished 6th in a very large and strong middleweight hunter hoys qualifier!

I can't explain how invaluable that peace of mind was for me as my horse means the world to me, and he loves his job and never stops trying!

This is him enjoying his first showing gallop on the vetrofen at the highland show, we were one of only 2 non Scottish competitors to get a crowd whoop!