It's almost time for the first show of the season.

This year we are looking forward to taking Spot and Ava to lead rein classes, and she has a fantastic new concours outfit handmade by her Godmother's family!

We've spent the past few weeks working on fitness and reminding Spot that he is a child's pony, not a grass filled monster. He's currently on a tight regime of feeds and Vetrofen calm.

We noticed he was incredibly tight through his back, so we called on a local physio to give him a once over. It was outstanding! Andrea worked on him for an hour and the difference in his movement was instant.

I popped an extra Vetrofen Intense in his feed afterwards as he is sensitive to change and i thought it would mop up some of the free radicals with the anti oxidant formula.

A day to day schedule of hacking, lunging and schooling will be a bit different next week with a couple of pony club events.

First show is next weekend (Easter Sunday) so prepare for bathing!