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Vetrofen is your first choice for keeping your active or ageing horse sound, supple, happy and mobile. It’s used be everyone from the professionals to the pet owners, but how can it help you?

  1. Targets the body’s natural inflammatory response. Perfect for: Helping with inflammation after an intense workout. Give Vetrofen Intense Sachets before and after exertion for best results. 
  2. Supports comfort, function and flexibility in joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments that can all detract from performance. Perfect for: The Competition Horse - regardless of discipline, your horse will still need the power, flexion and comfort through their body to work at their peak. 
  3. Promotes overall wellbeing and quality of life like no other. Perfect for: Everyone! Every horse deserves to feel good from the inside out. Our range of Vetrofen offers something for everyone. For the older, inactive or healthy horse, give Vetrofen Healthy (powder formulation) daily. For a horse competing or under an intensive work routine, give Vetrofen Intense (powder formulation) daily then top up with Vetrofen Intense sachets before and after intense workouts or competition days. 
  4. Free from banned substances. Yes, it’s made from 100% natural products so is FEI legal and used worldwide by professionals. Perfect for: Those at the top of their game or are aiming to compete an International level.
  5. Supports the body’s natural recovery mechanism after periods of intense activity. Perfect for: A horse who has just undergone an intense workout or prolonged activity. Vetrofen Intense sachets are great when administered before and after the stresses and strains of heavy work or intense physical activity, such as hunting, cross country, competition days, hillwork, interval training and racing. 
  6. Potent antioxidant qualities. The plant products which make up Vetrofen Intense boast potent antioxidants which are essential for keeping your horse healthy. Oxidation is a natural process which occurs when a horse is stressed, being exercised, is pregnant or lactating. When oxidation rates increase, ‘free radicals’ are produced. An increase in these can lead to general illness, a decreased immune-function and an increase in Cushings/PPID. Antioxidants slow down and prevent damage from the free radicals, ensuring your horse and its’ immune system stay strong and fighting fit. 
  7. Great for the active or ageing horse. Our Vetrofen range consists of a number of formulas to ensure you get the perfect supplement for your horses’ needs. Whether they’re a 4* Eventer or a hack, you get natural targeted nutrition.

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