Our horses are our pride and joy. We work tirelessly, around the clock ensuring they have nice things, regular new shoes and the very best diet money can buy. All at the detriment of ourselves. Here are our favourites. 

The bed.

Horses beds are generally always immaculate. Whether bedded on straw or shavings, the banks are always perfect, the bedding itself super soft and it’s kept clean and tidy unlike anything else. Much more so than the horse riders bed, that’s for sure!


Their flowing locks outshine yours, as the equine shampoo you buy is 10 times as pricey. Whitening shampoo, softening conditioner and a natural, organic body wash to finish. Whereas we’re happy with a 3-in-1.


Do you research your own food as much as you research your horses? Checking for nutritional value, the composition and in depth manufacturing detailing, our Organic, healthy natural choices for our horses far outshine our own.


How often do you pull a muscle, sprain a tendon, bang a limb or just wake up in general pain? As a horse owner, this is probably quite often (and certainly gets worse as you get older!) Yet as soon as there’s a tiny niggle, area of inflammation or slight bit of heat anywhere on your horse, everything is dropped and the trusty vet on speed dial speeds out to see you. Favouritism much?!

New shoes.

Every 6 weeks. When was the last time you bought yourself even 1 pair of new shoes a year? Let alone 8 pairs a year. At an average cost of £600. Spoilt ponies.


Physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage pads… You name it, the horse has it. With many competition horses having a physio session at least once a month, a session with a massage pad at least once a week and a variety of exercises to ensure correct muscle management almost daily, it’s no surprise they perform and feel as well as they do. Is it wrong to wish for a go on the horses massage pad?