My first regional final class, at Skipton Horse Trails. Also my second time out on my own.

First challenge: getting there; all went to plan. Second challenge: getting ready for dressage; gale force winds made this tricky, not only with a mini whirlwind going on inside the car, but also any equipment; saddle cloths, pads, boots, been blown away down the lorry park.

However, dressage went very well, despite not hearing my call and nearly missing my slot to go down to the arena. We managed another personal best of 28! Show jumping was a bit of a disaster, finishing on 20 faults for poles. The wind even blew a jump over when we finished (thankfully that did not count)

As usual, Flash stormed around the cross country, which allowed us to finish in 28th place (not quite last!) Once again, an excellent day out, and thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Onwards and upwards!