After many requests as to how I have and am currently a non failing student, coach, eventer and still have time for a social life, so hear it is.

Firstly I would like to state that it does not come easy and it won't just happen, so don't sit there and think all these things in life will naturally fall into place and if they are you should be very grateful as someone amazing out there is planning it all for you.

So in answer to your question, 'How do I cope?':


  1. Planning - Get yourself a diary, or if your more of a technology person you can use the calendar on your phone/tablet etc., When planning, everything must have a time and place but don't start planning the impossible, you will lose motivation and that's not what you need. Please don't panic if not everything goes to plan, re-schedule, life isn't perfect, in fact it's one big roller coaster. 
  2. Commitment - You must be committed to what you want or it won't happen, if you write a plan you have to try your up most to stick to it. Show you are committed. You are never to young to commit to something you really want you just have to show that's what you really want. Plan it, do it. 
  3. Motivation - This is key, if you aren't motivated to do it in the first place there isn't much point in trying as you won't be committed to it and it won't happen. You have to really want it, want to succeed in education, want to carry on with horses and do well. If someone told me when I was in year 11 that at the age of 19 I would be sat writing blogs for my own website whilst successfully studying a degree having achieved things with horses I could only have dreamt of achieving and with an amazing support team behind me (friends, family and my amazing sponsors) I would have laughed and said no chance. But here I am, I wanted it so I made time to plan, I was motivated, committed and I went out and got what I was after, but trust me I'm not done yet!

So key points to take away:

  • Stay strong, if you want it, you will get there no matter how many diversions you have to take you will get there. 
  • Stay motivated and committed or what you planned to happen won't happen. 
  • Get yourself a diary, you could have 5 things planned or nothing at all but make sure you know what's going on. 
  • Yes, before you ask, sacrifices will sometimes have to be made. 
  • Finally, make time for your friends, they are important and we all need down time and a chat!

For young people's mentality it is very important to make down time or time to socialise I wish you all the best of luck! I have faith in every one of you guys out there, and remember you want it? You have to go and get it!


If you have any questions at all or just want a bit of a chat or motivational boost then feel free to get in touch. (Facebook 'Abby Jones Equestrian', email, or comment below)