Your tack room is a sanctuary.

It’s the place where you go to warm up, dry off, get ready and discuss the success/possible failure of your ride. But how can you make it be the best it can be?

  1. Organisation.  A disorganised tack room is no place to start. You don’t want to be searching for vetrap in times of need, nor do you want to be searching for the plaiting bands that you’re certain you left on the side, when it’s time to prepare for a competition. You can buy some fantastic storage containers with pull out shelving, separate compartments and lids to keep the wet (and spiders!) out from just a couple of pounds at your nearby hardware store or supermarket. You’ll feel like the most organised rider there is! 
  2. Heater.  For those times you get absolutely drenched or frozen to the bone, nothing will be more welcome. Left plugged in on a low level, these compact electric heaters will not only keep your tack from going mouldy, but will be a saving grace on those bleak winter days. Perfect for warming your fingers, drying your gloves or hovering over!
  3. Waterproofs.  The ideal place to keep them, so you always know where they are. You never know when you’ll get caught out in a downpour! If you’ve got a little heater plugged in, hang your waterproof clothing near (but not on) the heater after a soaking and look forward to putting on nice dry attire on the next shower.
  4. Treats (for you AND your horse!) Point 1 and point 4 go hand in hand. There’s no point having treats in a place that a mouse could get in! So get yourself a nice little container, and fill it with goodies! You never know when you might get held waiting for the farrier or vet, or just need a little sugary-pick-me-up!
  5. Bottles of water. As above, there’s nothing worse than being longer at the yard than you thought and not being prepared! 
  6. Spare jumpers. You’ll just thank us for this when the time arises.
  7. Diary (and pen!)  File everything to do with your horse in here; farrier visits, veterinary visits, deliveries, orders to make, workout routine, any notes and most importantly, your horsey friends birthdays! Particularly useful to record behavioural and workout notes. After all, we’re all so busy in life, it can be difficult to remember what triggered your horse to be lazy last month or when you last did hillwork.

Your tack room is an essential part of horse ownership.

Your days will revolve around it, so it's importance to have a tidy, warm space that makes you happy and feel at ease.

What's your top tack room tip?