Event rider Charlotte Mason (pictured) took her beautiful dappled grey ‘Shades of Silver’ to Keysoe for the BE Novice where they finished 16th in a really competitive section. They had just 8 SJ and 1.2 XC time penalties to add to their Dressage score of 39.5.

Lyndsay Beresford took her horse to Scope and thanks to Vetrofen Healthy and Vetrofen Intense, her horse jumped amazingly every day! “He was in the temporary stabling, which was small, and he jumped every day. He came home and felt amazing!”

Jan Charlton has had some heartwarming success with her 24 year old - they just completed their first ODE together. Her pony has arthritis and PPID yet with our Vetrofen Intense sachets is loving jumping and feeling better than ever. “He flew round the xc course and loved every minute. I'm positive the Vetrofen helped him.”

Jamie Lessels made the 4 hour drive to the BRC National Championships which was totally worth it as she finished 2nd! Two fantastic clears in the first two rounds took her and Frankie into the jump off. The ground was slippery so they didn’t try the turns but still finished 1 second behind the winner taking a proud 2nd place.