Lauren Belt’s ex point-to-pointer To Begin, or Toby as he is known, has been prone to front leg and joint injuries, but since he’s been on Vetroflex Original, he’s had a new lease of life, and is competing with great success in RoR (Retraining of Racehorses) classes.

The nine-year-old ran 19 times under rules, when trained by Tim Easterby and Charlie Mann, winning a novice hurdle at Warwick in 2015 with Noel Fehily in the saddle. Lauren, who lives in Co Durham, acquired him in 2017, and rode him in all nine of his point-to-point starts, winning two ladies’ open at Witton Castle in 2017. He was retired from racing in May 2018.

Lauren said: “It felt like a life time of box rest for Toby after he was injured and I was worried I would never ride him again, but thankfully I got the go ahead to start bringing him slowly back into work.

“I knew he would never point-to-point again, so I planned to start For classes with him. “But all the time I was worried about his joint so I started some research on different joint supplements. There are so many out there and I only wanted the very best for my four legged fur baby.

“I came across Animalife Vetroflex Original and it sounded like just what I was looking for, so the next day I bought my first tub. I can honestly say I couldn't ask for anything better.

“A few months passed by and Toby qualified for the RoR challenge National Finals at Aintree. I was slightly concerned about how Toby would cope as I knew it would be three days of non stop showing and he had four rounds to jump over the three days and that would be the most in such a short space of time he had ever done.

“We took him to Aintree, and all the while he never missed a day without having his Vetroflex, and wow, what a difference this supplement really does make! He never missed a beat and he’s never felt better.

“Toby has gone from the horse that always had warm legs in the morning to his legs been nice and cool every morning no matter what he had been doing the day before. “I can not thank this product enough and would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a joint supplement for their horse.”

From myself and Toby thank you.