With the summer show season fast approaching and the days getting longer (far too exciting) it’s the perfect time to check you’re all set and prepared, ready for the fun to begin. You don’t want to wait until you’re about to head to a show to realise you’ve run out of hoof oil!

Here’s our top 10 must have items that you can sort and get ready now -

  1. Hoof oil - The instant way to add some glamour. Hoof oiled feet are the equivalent of new gloves - a small something with a big impact. 
  2. Whitening block - Perfect for little white socks and small stable stains. An actual life saver after an excited trip in the lorry! 
  3. Fly repellant - There’s nothing worse than standing in the show ring when both you and your horse are being pestered by flies. Invest in the good stuff and focus on wowing the judges. 
  4. Spare bridle pieces - You never know when you’ll need them, so take advantage of sales and tack shop visits to stock up on cheek pieces, noseband, reins and breastplate or martingale. You’ll even save yourself money if something happens to break at a show. 
  5. Tack cleaner - Perfect for giving your tack and boots the once over before you enter the ring. Don’t even try and remember the one you’ve got in the tack room, there’s enough to remember on the morning of the show without that too! 
  6. Flannels & towels - Your best friend for removing excess dirt, dust and giving an overall fantastic shine. 
  7. Treats - Be sure to reward your horse after he’s tried his best for you. Polos are always a good bribery tool too! 
  8. Bucket, sponge & sweat scraper - It may be hard to imagine now, but it really will get hot and sweaty before you know it. Ensure you can wash your horse off properly, removing all sweat and freshening them up before you travel home. 
  9. First Aid Kit - Check it’s fully stocked after last season. You can never have enough Vetrap! 
  10. Vetrofen Intense Instant Sachets - Great for helping your horse recover after working on hard or uneven ground or after an intense workout. Also great for targeting inflammation, bumps and bruises.

Lastly - enjoy!