"Our scores at PSG have gone up 4% since starting on the Vetro Collection" Dressage rider & trainer Tor Fenwick reviews our products

We caught up with Dressage rider and trainer Tor Fenwick, one of our brand ambassadors, as she has been using our products for 3 months now with some fantastic results.

"All 3 of my horses have been fed products from the Vetro Collection for 3 months now. I'm so impressed with them! My small tour horse Harry is 18 years young next year and with the help of Vetrofen and Vetroflex he's feeling more like an 8 year old! He is finding sitting on his hind legs so much easier and our bogie movement, canter pirouettes, have become so much easier to achieve. Our scores at PSG have gone up 4% since being on the Vetro collection as he is finding the training so much easier and this is going into our tests, with improved softness and expression due to being more supple.

My 5 year old Joey and 9 year old Rolo are on the Vetroflex and the difference in them is also marked. Rolo is looser and flexing his joints with ease as he had a tendency to be stiff. My youngster is also on it as I truly believe in the product and feel that it could protect his joints for the future.

Before I started using the Vetro Collection I was very sceptical about using joint supplements as I feel it's so hard to find the products that really help, among the products that don't make a big difference but are expensive. Now I can't think of using anything else and I really wouldn't be without the Vetro Collection supporting my horses way of going.

I'm so greatful to Animalife to have their support as I feel that my horses are on top form because of these amazing products!"